Five Questions an Elevator Pitch Must Answer

You’ve been there many times – in front of a potential customer or partner trying to put your best foot forward. The solution is laid out before them, yet they don’t see the value, leaving you perplexed. With every new encounter, the result is the same: you may have... read more

8 Tips for Implementing a Gainsharing Program

You’ve seen the signs over the last few years – employees not cooperating, resulting in efficient operations. Incentive plans like “Employee of the Month” and bonuses are given to improve employee sentiment. However, it seems like nothing has changed, and in fact... read more

4 Steps to Ensure Business Meeting Success

There are few words more irritating to entrepreneurs than, “Let’s have a meeting about it!”. If you’re like most business owners, you’re driven to get things done and can’t stand pointless meetings. What got you here wasn’t managing by committee; it was execution and action.

read more

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